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Boston Capital Holdings is a real estate trader, developer and investor. Our comprehensive services encompass every stage of the investment process, including asset identification, rehabilitation, and resale, or alternatively, asset discovery, development, and profitable sale. We also engage in co-investments in real estate projects that align with our established investment criteria.


We uphold a commitment to serving our end clients and investors with the utmost integrity.

Our success is assured through our extensive market experience, profound understanding of real estate trends, and a robust network of service providers.



Safeguarding our investment and creating value appreciation are key components of our strategic approach.

Our approach blends market analysis with a keen understanding of emerging trends. We evaluate potential investments, focusing on properties with high growth potential and strong market demand. Due diligence is at the core of our approach, ensuring that every investment opportunity aligns with our risk tolerance and profitability objectives. We prioritize diversification, investing in a balanced portfolio of residential, commercial, and developmental projects. Our commitment to cautious financial management and a forward-thinking investment strategy defines us as a trusted partner in the real estate market.

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Our team is actively engaged in three primary business activities, strategically diversifying our risk and optimising our returns.



Buy & Flip offers swift returns in accordance with our established investment criteria focusing in Greece and EU.


Our development department oversees the implementation of our greenfield projects situated in Greece.


We engage in investments and co-investments in development projects and property portfolios across various European locations.


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